[LH4216] Printing question


When I print from Scrivener (an essay for example) , the text ends up pushed towards the right of the pages, even cutting out some letters. This behavior also happened with the previous beta, 29.

Is this a bug, or do I have to make some adjustments to the margins of the document? The paper size is (8.5X11 inches).

Thank you.



  • File.
  • Compile,
  • Compile for Print


  • Formats: Default
  • Add front matter: unchecked
  • Add back matter: unchecked

I’m experiencing the same problem, and would appreciate some guidance. My project is a manuscript. When compiled, the left-hand margin measures 2 inches. there’s no real right-hand margin, and as the OP said, some letters on the right get cut off. The whole business needs to shift an inch to the left.


Further info: If I compile for pdf, the margins are perfect. It’s only when compiling for print.

This has been filed. Thanks!

I’m having the same problem, and I’ve tried everything I can find. It’s OK in PDF, but cut off in Print and Paperback.
Oh, I misread last post – thought was fixed, but it’s filed. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks.

Beta 38.