[LH4220] Font weight in Editor changes.

I installed Beta 30, and began to work on a new scene in a novel started in an earlier beta version, when I noticed something peculiar. The font darkness for the paragraph I was typing in was darker than those in previous paragraphs. At first, I thought it was just my eyes, so I began typing in another paragraph. Lo and behold, the font became darker for that paragraph as soon as I began making changes to it. As soon as I go to a different paragraph, it become darker, and all the others become lighter, or thinner in appearance.

Don’t know if this is a glitch or a new feature. It’s not distracting, so much as it’s different from the other betas, and caught me by surprise. I made no changes to the Options, font, for style.

Perhaps related to the topic in this thread?


Or perhaps not.

What font is it?


Font is Georgia. It’s not bold, just slightly darker/thicker than other paragraphs. Reverts to lighter/thinner when in next paragraph. Attached is a screenshot showing it. As you can see it’s slight, but it’s there.

This appears to be caused by having Highlight Current Line enabled, rather than by any specific font. This has been filed.