[LH4291] Cannot search for single or double quotation marks

I’m using Version: Beta (838542) 64-bit - 17 Feb 2020.

Neither quick search nor project search can locate any single or double quotation marks. I don’t know if this was an issue in previous versions.

If these are ‘smart quotes’, try the following in RegEx mode:

Right single: \x{2019}
Left single: \x{2018}
Double left: \x{201c}
Double right: \x{201d}

Thanks, this is on our list to address. Using the RegEx search as suggested, you can also use copy and paste to enter curly quotes as the search term, and a bar separator will allow you to search multiple types at once, e.g.

'|‘|’|"|“|” will return all single and double quotes, straight or curly.