[LH4313] Bug? Typing cursor/caret duplicates itself when moving in the document

When I move around in a document with the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, and Right), I at times end up with two typing cursors:

  • One that shows my current typing position,
  • And the other (a duplicate) at the previous position.

I can fix the problem by moving again with the arrow keys. Or by clicking with the mouse somewhere in the document and force the typing cursor to move that way.

Here’s an image of how it looks:

I also made a video to show this behaviour ‘live’. Here’s a direct link to that video.

(I use version

[size=85](I searched the existing topics in the ‘Beta Testing’ area but didn’t find any.)[/size]

This has been filed. Thanks!

Have in mind that you do not have two cursors but artefacts from the old cursor position. The blinking line is always your cursor position.

Thanks! And thanks for all the work put into the Windows version. I really like it!