[LH4313] RC7 Cursor Behavior When Exiting Selection

In version Beta (955095) 64-bit on Windows 10 Home version 1903 O.S. build 18362.900, if text has been selected in the document window, pressing right-cursor causes the highlight on the selected text to shrink – the blue background changes to white and the text changes to black but only in the area below the baseline. The area of the selection from the baseline up remains selected and the cursor is at the end of the selection rather than one space to the right. Pressing right-cursor a second time causes the behavior expected on the first try: the selection is deselected and the cursor moves to the right one space.

After the first right-cursor, if I scroll the page, the highlight disappears (meaning the selected text is deselected). But the cursor is at the end of the deselected text rather than one space to the right.

FWIW, to double-check system behavior, I tried this in Notepad and the behavior was normal…

This problem persists in v.

This problem persists in v. FWIW, there appears to be a correlation between this problem and the problem cited in my post “RC7 Home and Page Up Takes You To Second Line Of Doc”.

Thanks, the issue of the selection not clearing correctly has been filed. It looks related to a couple of other quirks with the text decorations at different line spacing multiples that we need to get sorted out.

As for the cursor position, this is the expected behaviour in Scrivener’s editor; pressing the left or right arrow keys positions the cursor at the beginning or end of the selected text (and clears the selection).