[LH4364][B39] Previous view not restored

Not sure if this is really a bug, or more of a feature request, but if you close Scrivener and then reopen it, you are not returned to the same point in the file you were last editing.

Unless you close Scrivener with the cursor at the top of the file, the program always seems to scroll to the end of the file.

Particularly when you’re working on a long document, it would be ideal to have it reopen at exactly the same point you were last editing (if possible).


A quick PS, this issue is probably related to a wider, slightly more annoying one, which is that the edit point where the cursor is, or the last edit was made) disappears when you split the editor window, or return to a single window, or open and close the Inspector panel, etc., etc.

If possible, I would like the text I’m working on to stay put whenever I do any of these things.

Do you have this problem when working with a single document mode, Scrivenings mode, or both?

Can’t speak for jje, but it seems to work correctly in single document mode, while in scrivenings mode it doesn’t (no cursor in any of the scrivenings, not just the last document worked on). Note that I am working with very small documents in this work journal project (one or two lines per document on average), so that may affect what jje is reporting.

I mostly use single document mode. I suspect this problem may be connected to the Inspector panel (so perhaps the footnote fixes that are coming in B40 will fix it?). Anyway, this is what happens:

I’m working on a document, the cursor is at the point indicated:

If I split the document when the Inspector panel is not open, the insertion point remains visible (although I cannot understand why it’s at the bottom of the right-hand panel; I would prefer it to stay in the middle of the left-hand one):

However, if the Inspector panel is open, the insertion point is no longer visible:

In response to Tiho’s query; this happens in single document mode, with only one document open.

In the next update the cursor will be centered.
If you use fixed width editor mode, the cursor will not move out of view upon show/hide the Inspector.
I have added the cursor move out of view in non-fixed editor width mode to our bug tracking system.

Thanks, JJE!