[LH4367] B40 Compiling Markdown to Web Page has Several Issues

Some things work (headers, unordered lists using *) but many things no longer work. E.g.

  • unordered lists using + or -
  • numbered lists
  • hyperlinks
  • block quotes
  • links to images on disk


Could you better clarify what settings and features you are using, when you refer to these things? I don’t know if you’re talking about having Scrivener convert these things to MMD for you or what happens when you type them in.

For example I can create a new blank project and paste this sample file into the starter file into it, compile to .html, and get the same result as I would converting it using multimarkdown.exe directly, on the command line. I also added some +/- lists to it (since I don’t think it demonstrates those), and added an image linked to the disk, and it all seems to be working the way it did in b39.

P.S. Oh I did have to turn off the RTF to MMD conversion function in the compile Options tab before anything worked properly. That should not be turned on by default and needs to be fixed.

I am typing in MMD, then compiling to html.

Unchecking the compile option to convert RTF to MMD fixed everything. Yay!

Thank you!