[LH4376] How to open “Quick Reference” with “Format Bar” turned off by default?

Hi there!

Because I have to turn it off (I do not need it)
manually each time as it opens.

I use Version: Beta (845700) 64-bit

I would be very happy for any suggestions or comments.

Thank you!

Thanks, I’ve written up a report on this.

The way it should work is fairly intuitive, and persistent on a per-document basis. If you have the Format Bar hidden in your main project window, then no document should load into Quick Reference with it visible. Furthermore the state of whether it is visible is something that can be toggled per QR panel, in a way that will persist even after reloading the project.

Ok, I hope this will be corrected with new versions.

Is it also possible to hide the rest of the panels completely and launch them
when you hover on that area or when you press a hot key?

Or make it possible to hide only the menu panel.
Please! This would be very useful for not to be distracted from writing the text.
It’s like mini Composition Mode.

Thank you AmberV so much for such quick answers!

No they aren’t really intended to be small composition mode windows. The irony here is that Quick Reference windows were designed to augment Composition Mode, to make it so you can reference other materials while remaining in an otherwise isolated writing environment. :laughing: