[LH4404] Compile Margin Does Not Save

To duplicate:

Am using a “paperback 6x9 edited” compile format
Open the compile menu, reset the page settings - margins from the default (.8,.8,.8,.6) to something else, Hit save.
The setting take effect in when executing a compile.
Shut the program
When starting again, settings have been reset to default.

I could not reproduce this. Could someone else try this too, guys?
It could also be that some combination of settings like units is causing the problem.

It’s changing the margin settings on its own. I tried changing 6x9 paperback (saved as a new setting) with 0.875" margins, to 5x8 with the same margins. Reopen the file, and it says the margins are 0.8, 0.8,0.8, and 0.9.

I think I got the problem. We have two set of margins, one set during paper type/size definition and another set within the main format editor dialog via a popup(“Margins” button).

Please, ignore the margins displayed under the button “Page Settings…” > Button “…” > “Custom Paper Size”. The margins actually in use during compilation are within the main compile format editor “Margins” button.

The “Custom Paper Size” dialog defines a general custom page with general margins(in case custom margins are not specified).
The main “Margins” button popup is the one that controls the compile margins.
Because of this the two set of margins might differ and are changed independently.

Let me know, if your experience does not match my explanation and you see margin changes which interfere with each other. I understand and agree that having two set of margins might be confusing, but generally you do not need to dig into the “Custom Paper Size” settings.

OK, just so we’re clear.

Compile -> Edit settings -> Page settings
There are two buttons here: Page settings and Margins
Page Settings also includes margins, and these will save.
Margins will allow you to set margins and will save until you close the program, then will reset to defaults.

So you’re saying the changing the margins under this submenu doesn’t actually do anything, and that margins should instead be set under the Compile -> Edit settings -> Page settings -> Page settings menu instead?

Indeed I managed to reproduce your problem. The Margins displayed inside the Margins button popup lose precision after the project is closed. This will be fixed in Beta 43.