[LH4500] RC2 - Serious Lag Opening Outline (15+ seconds!!)

Version: Beta (887454) 64-bit - 06 Apr 2020.

The old 1.29 (or whatever it was) was very fast in switching (near-instant) between document view and outline view. The new version, updated as of yesterday morning still takes a long time to show the outline view. And it’s not just waiting for it to show up, once it’s already rendered, it will take a long time to resize a column (it throws up the circle and says not-responding) or adjusting Binder/Inspector sidebars. Just anything that causes it to re-render the outline. One especially bad thing is if you pause while you’re resizing a column (let’s say) and then continue resizing. It seems to re-render it more than once for an extra-long delay.

It’s very painful. I have 95 documents (and of those, around 8 or 10 of them are just empty ‘markers’ for me in the binder, the documents themselves are blank). I have no sub-folders inside the manuscript folder. Just the list of single documents.

The extreme sluggishness / not-responding bit is still there when I switch from a regular file to the outline. I counted (one-Mississippi style) 15 seconds from clicking on the outline until render.

I have a 6-Core AMD system with SSD drive (though I use Dropbox for storing my novel data, 1GB internet connection), gaming video card-- system designed for gaming.

I have no footnotes, no comments or anything like that. I do have images and notes in the inspector, also some keywords and labels.

However, I had no problem with switching from a document view to the outline view in the old version of scrivener. Whatever the problem is, it’s unique to the new version.


The FIRST time I switched BACK from the outline to one of the flat files, there was a similar delay. I don’t recall that happening before, but perhaps it did and I just didn’t notice. However, upon subsequent attempts of switching BACK, it happens quickly, as expected. BUT, it always takes a long time going INTO the Outline mode.

just excellent reporting, wanted to say…

One more thing for Tiho, did you first do a full uninstall, then install, for Betas per the release posting?

And here’s a funny thing. For my projects, which I think are smaller, opening speed seems much improved – definitely snappier.

It’s possible this and your problem are related then, some change that generally helped, but not in your case…

The first update was automatic-- I hit the ‘check update’ button in the help section and it did its thing. The second one (RC2) I downloaded manually but just installed it with a double-click. If you think uninstalling it might help, I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the tip.

I don’t like the delay since I use the outline from time-to-time, but it isn’t the worst thing that could happen-- I’m still able to use the editor okay and that’s what’s important to me mostly. I would like the outline thing fixed at some point.

I’ve experienced the same problem - shorter delay of about 6 seconds on my desktop with i7-6700k @ 4 Ghz, 32 gb memory, and 958gb SSD as Drive C, where I’m running Scrivener. 127 documents with around 139k words.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling v from scratch, same timing.

It’s been several months since I’ve used the outline view, but the time to switch between the three views used to be quick enough not to notice.

I’m experiencing this too. Switching between documents has been slow since some early version of the beta, but now it’s actually freezing up (screen graying out and title bar showing Not Responding) for several seconds.

Version: Beta (894377) 64-bit - 13 Apr 2020

TL;DR; RC3 is Improved but not fixed.

I installed the RC3 update this morning. This problem seems to be improved but not fixed. There is still a significant lag. I counted about 7-Mississippi’s to get to the Outline (instead of the 15-Mississippi’s from the other day).

Since my original report (Opening Post, this thread), I have removed several documents. I currently have 93 compared to the 95 or 97 (whatever it was) when I started. About 10-15% of them are BLANK / EMPTY (I just use them as ‘markers’ in the binder / outline).

Otherwise, all of the same conditions still persist, nothing else has changed.

There is a problem Every Time in OPENING the Outline. There is a problem The First Time switching BACK from the Outline to one of the Documents. This only seems to happen one time. Subsequent attempts all occur instantaneously.

One other thing, I spent a little time trying to see how many documents cause the problem. It does not seem to be any specific document which is the issue. I can select three or four, or five or eight and it opens them instantaneously / fairly quickly (quickly enough that I wouldn’t have a complaint). But as I add more and more documents to the selection, it takes longer and longer for the outline to open. Also, it does not seem to make any difference whether the documents are grouped individually or in sub-folders. The time to open the Outline is about the same either way. As a reminder, the old version (1.29 whatever it was) did NOT have this problem. It would open the entire collection more or less instantaneously.

It is not an absolute show-stopper for using the program but it sure puts a damper on my enthusiasm every time I need to switch to the Outline. I am hopeful that it will get fixed.

Customer support sent me an executable today for a different problem which seems to have CLEARED UP this problem of the LONG-LAG in switching to the Outline and/back to a document.

There is still the secondary issue of the long, painful (waiting for windows to respond) LAG when resizing a column. (But fortunately, that is not the usual use case).

WAY TO GO !!! WOOHOO!!! You guys are on a ROLL today!!!

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Version: Beta (896583) 64-bit - 15 Apr 2020

I have an updated observation regarding the residual LAG problem while ADDING/REMOVING COLUMNS and/or MOVING/RESIZING COLUMNS in the outline…

Normally when I do this, I’m looking at all of the columns, having clicked on the ‘Manuscript’ binder item. However, this evening I happened to only have a few documents selected and doing all of the above (Moving/Resizing, etc.) was all very quick and snappy. So this problem seems connected somehow to the NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS SELECTED and currently being shown in the browser.

As I posted previously, the main problem of the Outline taking a long time to initially render seems to have disappeared, there may be some sort of connection between whatever it took to fix THAT problem and whatever is causing THIS problem.

Just a suggestion! :wink: