[LH4563] RC7 - Dragging doc of type "Research File as Shortcut" between projects creates a dead document

Hi - If we have a document that works as a Windows Shortcut and we drag it into another project’s binder, the destination doc does not function as a shortcut.

Under the hood, we see that the Windows shortcut file has been copied properly and the html.lnk appears correctly in the destination binder. But the other attribute Yes is not picked up on the copy, hence the dead doc.

Definitely a bug, and I encountered it trying to work around this new behavior:

RC7 - Local links within web pages now misfire

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks, I’ve ensured the problem of copying imported shortcuts between projects is logged. (I’ve also filed the webpage navigation option bug linked here.)

Thanks for logging these, MM.

For database and scripting purposes, I set every document with a sequential DocID carried on from Scrivener V1, and a matching bar code. I generate these dressed-up docs by script into a scratch project, then drag them into the production project. So all new documents come into the project by dragging.

Similarly I maintain all HTML docs in a single folder, and they’re named by DocID, also on the V1 legacy model. The higher level docs replicate the binder structure. In the one folder the HTMLs can link to each other without a path, and share a stylesheet. I can sort ‘em by date, and copy just the newly changed ones out to an Android smartphone where they interlink just as nicely.

The shortcut docs and .lnk files that make this possible are also generated in the scratch project. Thus my workflow relies to an unusual degree on HTML redirection, and on being able to drag all doc types project to project.

Much appreciation for these capabilities, so well thought out. :slight_smile:

Rgds — Jerome