[LH4602] Problem installing (64-bit HiDPI) on windows

After install I get the attached message four times. I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall and reboots, all to no avail.

BTW the none HiDPI version installed fine, so back up and writing.

Ditto - I’ve got the same message when I try and launch scrivener with the HiDPI version installed.

I also had this problem for the HiDPI version. And like @CSTEELE was able to install the standard 64-bit version with no problems.

Had this also, reported it a few days ago.

Also had this problem. Last time I used the HiDPI version the UI was all messed up to.

I have the RC7 version of HiDPI (64-bit) installed and running fine. Don’t know if this is relevant, but I don’t have any other version(s) of Scrivener installed (you definitely can’t have two versions of RC7, i.e. the hi- and regular-DPI versions, installed together).

This has been filed. Thanks.