[LH4605][RC7] Text alignment can't be changed anymore

After installing RC7 the buttons to change text alignment have been greyed out and don’t work anymore. Same is true for the menu options from the top bar and the keyboard shortcuts.

Different alignments made before still persist, but further changes can’t be made. The error persists between several projects, but I can’t tell wether its machine specific, since I only run Scrivener on one notebook.

As alway, if I can provide any more feedback I’d be happy to do so.

I can confirm this behaviour, but only in my old projects. Tutorial and new ones appear to be fine.
RC7 HiDPI Fesh installation.

UPDATE: Seems to be related to scrivenings mode… even in the tutorial project.

Can confirm, it works fine in single documents but not in scrivenings mode.

Thanks, guys! I’ve filed the bug. As noted, for now you can still make the adjustments in single document mode, so for instance popping a document open in a Quick Reference window would let you make the adjustment quickly, then close the window and continue working without losing your place in the Scrivenings session.