[LH4669] Not sure if this is a bug, exactly - Misplaced notifications

At Scrivener startup, I’m seeing this message pop up for a few seconds:

I don’t know what it means, as it pops up off the top left of the main monitor’s screen (my monitor background is solid black, if that’s confusing anyone), and this is all I can see.

Even if it is unimportant, if it’s going to be shown, it should be shown in its entirety where it can be read.

Just my thoughts.

What your seeing is:

“Sessions Targets Timeout.”
“Sessions Targets will now reset.”

If you go into Options and the Warnings and reset it. It should clear it out.

Thanks. Now if it could just be put somewhere useful instead of half off the screen.

It works fine for me.
Are you using VM by any chance? If not, something else in your machine configuration must be the cause of it.

Just an FYI: This is still showing up partially off the screen in RC9.

I still insist if a product (or a person) wants to tell me something, they ought to care that I can pay attention to what’s said. In this case, how about putting it at the center of the screen?

FWIW, I’ve never cared for the fact that session targets reached method was so out of the way also, in the top right corner, but it kinda makes sense that it wouldn’t be right in the editor area where you’re typing.

I think it displayed at some point when you had a different screen resolution, which is why it seems to be off-screen. That said, if you are not using project targets, you can disable the notifications like this:

  1. Project->Project Targets
    Annotation 2020-08-18 103452.png
    When the dialog comes up, select Options:
    Annotation 2020-08-18 103405.png
    When the options dialog comes up, uncheck the Show target notifications:
    Annotation 2020-08-18 103308.png
    Click OK and then close the Project Targets window.
    It would be interesting if you would turn off the notifications and then turn them back on to see where the notification screen resets to (if it does).

But I want the notifications when I reach my session target. And I get that notification on screen. I’m not sure why this startup notification cannot be placed at a specific place on screen where it can actually be read, but I’m not losing sleep over it. It’s just a little frustrating that a message is shown that I can’t actually read.

Sure, I know what it says (thanks to you) but someone else might not. I just development should know about it.

I know. That is why I mentioned turning it off, then back on to see if the notification will display in a different position. I agree the devs should take a look at this.

Are you running Scrivener on a virtual machine?

No. Wouldn’t know how to, actually.

Mine shows up in the middle of the screen. And it’s not so large as the one you show. Are you running, perchance, the HiDPI version of Scrivener?

I don’t see a setting that would cause this. The box in which it’s framed is a little wide and a little tall, but it’s effective at grabbing my attention. It does not run off the screen.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the bug at the moment. I tested my first hypothesis, that menus and windows font size was involved, but no. Cranked it up to 24 (the menus are hideous at that size), but the target notification seems to be a fixed size, perhaps relative to the screen (can’t test that easily).

And, in case I failed to mention this, I did turn it off and then back on. Didn’t make a difference.

I am, currently, but I was not when I first reported this. I’m seeing it on both.

I have dual monitors setup and mine is showing at the bottom left of my prime monitor. So, if it shows in different positions for different users there may be something buggy about it.

Clipboard Image.png

Well, it was an idea. The only other thing I have involves completely uninstalling Scrivener (making sure to remove all registry settings as well), then reinstalling with the DPI version you want. I suspect that the screen resolution changed along the way (maybe switching from the non-HiDPI to HiDPI versions) that set some screen size value somewhere. Devs (or somebody else that knows where that might be) will need to weigh in on this.

I’ve no interest in monkeying with the registry for something so minor. I’d be hesitant to play around with it for something major.

I would think, perhaps incorrectly, that uninstalling Scivener (or any program) would delete registry keys, but I know from experience (as a user, as well as an ex-programmer) that it is an infrequently thought of detail.

And perhaps Scrivener does do that. I usually just install over the last version in the same location, but that too might be a problem of my own making.

Great, now whenever I report a problem I’m going to hear “You know you really should delete the previous version before installing the new version” each time. :wink:

I don’t usually go into the registry when uninstalling a program. If I am really wanting to make sure there is no trace of the program so that I can start fresh, I use RevoUninstaller with the Advanced option.

It isn’t too bad with leaving artifacts in the registry. I’ve seen worse from Microsoft and they designed the registry - you would think that they would know better.

Pretty much anyone that is using the built-in updater is doing that. It is when you are having strange behavior that I suggest the complete uninstall/reinstall sequence. In this case, it depends upon how much of an annoyance the notification oddness is to you. FWIW, I’ve not been able to replicate this, which is why I’ve been spitballing ideas out to you. Sometimes a “nuke from orbit” plan becomes the only way to restore defaults and have a clean baseline. This might be one of those situations. :frowning:

Well, overall from the variety of comments here, it seems pretty clear the notification placement isn’t quite as consistent as it should be. :wink: We’ve got top left, off the side of the top left, centre somewhere, top right…

Could you all please share:

  1. Where the notification appears,
  2. which version of Scrivener you are using (Hi-DPI or standard),
  3. your screen resolution,
  4. Windows display scaling setting,
  5. Windows version,
  6. and whether you’re on a single or multi-monitor setup?

If you tick the option to “Show internal log console” in File > Options > Warnings, you can restart Scrivener and then also copy out the screen information from the top of the log, from the “Info: devicePixelRatio” line through the “Info: Screen physicalDotsPerInch” line.

1.Center of the screen, approximately.
2. standard
3 1920x1080.
4. 100% (standard)
5. Windows 10
6. Dual monitor. 2nd monitor is in portrait mode and is 1050x1680.

FYI, grfx card is 1660Ti, if that matters.

  1. Bottom right
  2. Standard
  3. 1680x1050
  4. 100%
  5. Windows 10
  6. Dual monitor

Clipboard Image.png