[LH4732] First list item has extra bullet / number when opening a styled file created on a Mac

If I create a file on the Mac version of Scrivener that includes a list, when I open that same file on a PC, the first list item will have an extra bullet / number, i.e.

Steps to reproduce

1. On Mac

  • Open Scrivener Version 3.1.5 (12258)
  • File >> New Project
  • All >> Blank Project
  • Save as test.scriv
  • Add in this content
    • First line: text with Format >> Style >> Title
    • Second line: Numbered list item 1
    • Third line: Numbered list item 2
    • Fourth line: Numbered list item 3
    • Fifth line: text with No Style
  • Save document.
  • Close Mac Scrivener.

2. On PC

  • Open Scrivener Version Beta (1078037) 64-bit - 14 Oct 2020 (RC 11)
  • File >> Open
  • Open test.scriv from above.
  • The first item in the numbered list has an extra “1.” in it.

Note that if you exit out of the PC version at this point and open the file up again in Mac, it does not have the extra “1.” in the first list item.

[size=150]Content in Mac version[/size]

[size=150]Content in PC version[/size]