[LH4757] Pasting from Scrivener Editor to Gmail or other email compose windows

Pasting from the Scrivener Editor to Gmail works (obviously), but for me, all links and most of the formatting is lost. It’s seems what the Gmail compose window sees is plain text.

Any way around this? Anything the development crew can do to address the issue?

(This isn’t specific to Gmail, BTW. It’s true of all email clients I use.)



The default mode for most mail clients is plain text. If you google ‘How to disable plain text mode in Gmail’ you’ll see lots of articles telling you how. Just be aware that just because you send formatted text it doesn’t necessarily mean the person recieving it won’t see it as plain text, depending on their settings.

Thanks, Did that years ago. My gmail account doesn’t use plain text in compose windows.


It’s almost certainly this bug, reported in April with full technical explanation and reiterated in my Location info with each post since then. No response to date, so I’m glad someone else has encountered it:

Scrivener HTML clipboard not recognized in Chromium-based browsers. Plain text only.

The Scriv beta structures its HTML clipboard in a format that Chromium-based web interfaces don’t recognize. Workaround is to paste into Thunderbird or Firefox and thence into Chrome/Gmail/Edge/Opera/Whatever.

Are you the Thom from DWT? Much respect.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks, Jerome, for the confirmation. Hope it gets fixed.

I am, and thanks!

Using Scrivener extensively now to write for my new Substack site and work on the next book (working title, The Fourth American Constitution). The program’s getting a real workout, which I think is good from a Beta testing standpoint.