[LH4776] RC11 installs to wrong directory for standard user

As an admin user, Scrivener properly installs to C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).

As a standard user, however, RC11 is suggesting C:\Users<username>\Documents.

THIS IS WRONG. It should be C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local in order to be compliant with Microsoft and Windows guidelines and expected behavior.

The user’s Documents folder is meant to hold documents, not local installable applications. It can be redirected to the OneDrive folder or to other locations, including to networked drives. Storing application binaries here by default can lead to all sorts of unexpected behaviors.

You are absolutely correct, Devin. Unfortunately we had issues with this using the previous versions of our installer. I will give it another try and hopefully it is improved.

Thanks for the fast response. I’ll be happy to provide an independent test of it when you’re ready! :slight_smile:

And good catch too, Devin - along with great response as ever from @tiho

Best to both, and enjoynig watching this project accumulate its fullness, as it does,

This has been adjusted and can be tested in RC13. Thanks for pointing this out, Devin!

If you want to toss me a test build I’d be happy to confirm it sooner than RC13…:slight_smile:

Just to follow up, I installed RC13 on my test system as a non-admin user, and as expected, it now defaults to the C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local folder.

However, there was one error thrown about trying to update a registry key in the root classes hive, which it should probably not be trying to update as a non-admin user:


Thanks for following on this, Devin! We also spotted this problem, but could not get it fully fixed for RC13. We hope to get it fully fixed for the next update.

Awesome! I will be ready to give it another shot come that day. :slight_smile:

Hi Devin, when you have a chance please try these installers: (64-bit) | (32-bit)

They install and uninstall using only the user registry space. Obviously uninstalling your current version manually beforehand is recommended.

It is safe to install and use the new version until the new update is out.