[LH4790] RC13 - Double-clicking divider does not equalize split views


The Scrivener tutorial’s “Splitting the Editor” section states that with a split view in the editor:

In split view I can drag the divider around, but when I double-click it nothing happens.

Release Candidate 13 (“ Beta (1129554) 64-bit - 04 Dec 2020”).

(I’m using Scrivener in Wine on Linux and do not have access to a Windows machine to test; please ignore/delete this bug report if it works as intended on Windows.)

It is working fine for me. I suspect you either are not getting the spot right (it needs to be done after movement in either direction, and the mouse needs to have the movement cursor for the double-click) or there is something wonky with Wine/Linux.

Works fine running RC13 under CrossOver 20 on the Mac.



This works as expected on my W10 box. I gave up on running Windows Scrivener under Wine in Linux a couple of years or so ago. I found it ran better and looked better in its proper Windows environment.

Then after upgrading my linux box last year, I couldn’t get Scriv to run under wine at all. I have never retried with the Beta 3 versions.

What version of Wine are you using?

Hi philjaq:

I’m using wine 5.0-3ubuntu1, installed through Synaptic on Ubuntu 20.04. After a lot of trial and error, it now works, and works pretty great! Here are my tips to get it working:

  • install all “wine64” packages in Synaptic
  • install “winetricks” package in Synaptic
  • install “winbind” package in Synaptic
  • I’m using a 64-bit wineprefix (set in winetricks) and the 64-bit version of scrivener
  • run winetricks and install “speechsdk”
  • run winetricks and install “dotnet462” (this will involve multiple different installers. Just keep clicking through and when it asks to to reboot, click “reboot later”.)
  • now you should be able to run the Scrivener 3 Beta installer and run Scrivener successfully
  • For much nicer fonts: 1) run the “RGB font smoothing” script in the winetricks menu 2) install some fonts through winetricks menus and 3) choose different fonts in Scrivener’s options->appearance menu that are native to your linux machine.

The only semi-annoying things that don’t work: clicking external links in Scrivener projects (but I could probably install Internet Explorer or something through winetricks to work around that) and the small handful of Scrivener features that require holding ALT+clicking things.

Hi jillian.alberts :

OK, thanks for that. I’m using UbuntuStudio 20.04 so I should be able to follow all your advice. I’ll have a go over the Christmas break. It would be good to get more stuff back onto the linux box.

FWIW, I’m running RC13 HiDPI on Windows 10 (no linux involvement) and if I understand the question, I have my editor split one document on top and perhaps some other (but it makes no difference if it is the same) document in the other editor.

If I double-click on the split divider after I’ve adjusted the split so one editor window is larger than the other, nothing happens for me either. The editors remain uneven size.

I switched over to side by side split, and repeated the scenario and it made no difference.

Note: I’ve tried adjusting my clicking speed from very slow, to as fast as I can go, and many variations in between (though I have a pretty good feel for how fast a double-click with my settings is), and nothing changes.

It’s worth noting (if you ask me) that to switch between top/bottom splitting to side-by-side I first went back to no split (one document in only one editor) and then held down the ALT key when clicking on the split icon the next time.

It was then that I became aware that even though the “split screen” icon now looked like a full page—i.e., it looked like it would close split screen (which it does if you don’t hold down the ALT key)—it did allow me to directly switch from side-by-side to top/bottom splitting without having to go back to a single full editor in between.

The good news from the Hey, perhaps this is a workaround to the double-clicking not working perspective is that each time you use the icon to switch the type of split, the resulting windows now look like they are the same size.

The bad news is for anyone expecting to keep the former split ratio in the new orientation!

I think, ideally, switching from horizontal to vertical split (or vice versa) should remember user-desired split ratio—but that’s just one users desire—and, certainly, the divider double-click ought to work if that’s how it’s designed to work.

The real takeaway from my testing is: I, also, see the originally reported behavior (as I understand it) and it has nothing to do with Linux.

You did indeed understand me correctly! Thanks for trying it out on Windows and reporting your experiences. Hopefully someone at L&L will notice and look into this.

Thank you guys, this has been fixed and will be available in the next update.