[LH4791] [RC 12] Roman numerals in ToC, small caps, & placeholders in header/footer

Front matter should compile <$p-r> to Roman numerals.

[attachment=2]roman numerals.jpg[/attachment]

Small caps words are obliterated.

[attachment=0]small caps.jpg[/attachment]

<$PageGroupTitle> (and other placeholders) are not compiled in header/footers.


Try <$pageGroupTitle>, with exactly the same small/capital letters. Some placeholders are case sensitive. The exact sensitivity for placeholders can be verified inside the PDF document available from Help > List of All Placeholders.

Small caps is a known issue, which is caused by the Qt PDF engine with some fonts. We know about the problem and try to find a workaround, but it is not easy.

About the <$p-r>, I need to do some more tests to verify it, but if you could upload a small project it will save me some time.

Attached is a test project as requested. Included are the project, a Windows Compile, and a Mac Compile.

  1. As noted before, <$p-r> doesn’t compile for front matter.

  2. I was using Bookerly for the text font and Venus Rising for page headers. I changed both to TNR in the test project, and small caps are the same problem as before.

  3. <$pagecount> and <$pageGroupTitle> compile when I enter them that way, but I see no reason placeholders should be case sensitive, and most are not on the Mac (in my experience). If they ARE to be case sensitive, I think Help should say so prominently.

On a similar note, <$img:Butterflies> (for an image called butterflies) works on the Mac but not on Windows. If everything will be case sensitive in Windows Scrivener — or worse, they’ll be case sensitive at random — who knows how many platform dependencies folks will run into?

At the Dropbox link is a zip file of all that.


The Front Matter ToC is WORSE in RC 14.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 14.47.35.png[/attachment]

I don’t see where anyone’s mentioned this specifically, but I’ve just found the small caps issue myself.

I saw that you said they are “obliterated”, but if you look closely, the small caps are actually there, just super, super tiny.


Posting because I’m not sure if this is what you meant by “obliterated”, or if it changes anyone’s interpretation of the problem.

Either way I’m considering moving away from Scrivener. It’s just too much of a faff when you keep hitting these little niggles - seems to be causing me more headaches than it saves. Issues like the above should be picked up in the alpha stages of development, not Release Candidate 14.

I understand your frustration GfK. We are even more frustrated that this is a 10 year old Qt bug, which is still open and not fixed. We notified Qt multiple times (for the first time back in July 2019), but up to now we have not received any reply, solution or workaround.

We think about implementing a Scrivener specific workaround, but still in our TODO list and this is not easy to do. At the moment the best I can propose is try Small Caps with a different font, as this seems like a Font specific issue to the Qt PDF engine, or compile to RTF/DOC and use MS Word to save it as PDF.

@drmajorbob: Your troubles should be fixed in RC15, including the image sizes, which differ from Mac.

Interesting! Obliterated is pretty close to the truth, though.


FYI, I don’t use Windows, so they’re not my troubles. I’m finding and reporting bugs so less power-mad users don’t have to.

Oh, but this is the Windows forum. :confused:

For whatever reason, @drmajorbob runs the Windows version using a VM in order to help with Beta testing. I normally run it under CrossOver (WINE) on my Macs, to help my Windows-using collaborator, and, as a sideline, to contribute anything I can to these Windows forums. I used to run it under VirtualBox, but the machine I ran it on has just given up the ghost, and until I get my replacement machine, that is stalled.