[LH4833] - Change icon options stops working after first use

Scriv Version: Beta (1183694) 64-bit - 27 Jan 2021

I see a similar bug had come up in 2012 but was resolved. This is a slight variation.

When I right click and hover over “Change icon”, the triangle shows up and I can change it. But after I make one icon change, the triangle disappears and does not become clickable again. No tree expands, no options. The button “Change Icon” remains, but is not usable.

I then must restart the program to have the triangle (option tree) reappear. And then it is again only useable once.


This is now the third thread reporting this problem.

Workaround is here and it looks like it is already fixed for future versions.

I found the workaround by going to the Beta Testing (Windows) forum and typing “change icon” into the search box:


I just downloaded RC16 and this bug is NOT fixed. So the workaround is still necessary.

You missed the point. It will be fixed for the release after RC16.

This is expected, since it was RC16 that was being discussed by the OP in the thread I linked to.