[LH4867] RC 16 - formatting a list causes Scrivener to close

Just had another incident same as reported in RC 14 and RC 15 – viewtopic.php?f=57&t=64967&p=330249&hilit=formatting+a+list+causes+Scrivener+to+close#p330249

After some repetitive efforts to format a list, Scrivener closed down.

There’s no need to start a new forum thread for each separate version – it comes across as spamming and may in fact cause your bug report to be less visible, rather than more. Since there has not been a [LHxxxx] number posted in your original RC14 thread, a simple response to that thread to say “Still seeing this problem in RC16” should suffice. If you have a concise set of steps to consistently reproduce the error, asking for other forum users to confirm that they are seeing the issue will also help the thread be more visible.

This has been fixed and will be available in RC17. Thanks!

Great, thank you.