[LH5046] Blue folder blues

Hi there. I’m currently trialling Scrivener 3 for Windows and I’m having difficulty working out how to colour my folders satisfactorily.
I’ve set up my label colours, and ticked View>Use Label Color In>Icons, which works great when I assign a label to files, presumably because they are white by default. But folders, for which the default colour is blue, just show a muddy mix of blue and the selected label colour.
Is there an option somewhere to make the folders white, so that when I colour them they will look right?

I don’t see any global way to change folder colors. You can change the folder icon by right-clicking on the folder, then selecting Change Icon. If you then select from the Book submenu, for example, you have 9 choices for color and style.

But be aware that changing from the default icon turns off some default behavior. For example, the default behavior of the folder icon is to display a standard folder icon, and if text is added to that folder’s Synopsis, a small index card overlay is added. But by using a non-default icon, this behavior does not happen.

See section 7.1, page 87, in the user manual.

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Thanks BClarke. That’s actually just fine, because it turns out if I change the icon to the white notepad, then the colour of the notepad accurately changes to reflect the colour of any label I subsequently assign to the folder.

It didn’t occur to me to check the icons, so thank you so much for that suggestion. In most cases, the default dynamic behaviour you describe won’t matter too much, but it’s a lot more important to be able to see the colour at a glance, so I consider that a solution. Thanks again.

Just a note that in fact folders should be switching to white icons when this particular setting is enabled, so that one needn’t use any workarounds that reduce folder icon functionality.

Well, that’s interesting. Wasn’t happening for me (Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021 on Win 10), but it seems logical it should because otherwise the colouring in the binder is a mess.

Apologies, I should clarify, when I say it should do that, it means it should but the software does not. :slight_smile: That is why I changed the tag to “bug” and filed a ticket with the developers, which is indicated in the subject line.


Aha! Thanks for passing it on. From my point of view the workaround is working nicely, but as a novice I of course don’t know entirely what wonderful vistas of dynamic icon behaviour I’m missing as a result.