[LH5053] Scrivener 3: Hotkey for "Open as quick reference"?

Currently, the only way I can see to open a quick reference menu is by using the mouse to click Navigate ~ Open ~ as Quick Reference.

Unfortunately I can’t see any way to bind this as a hotkey in the preferences? Am I missing something?

I suspect the reason for this is that if you want to open something as a quick reference, you click on Navigate → Open Quick Reference → ITEM YOU WANT TO OPEN.

What I’m trying to say is I think the purpose of a shortcut is to execute a menu command, not open a menu so you can then continue making a selection.

But I could be incorrect. This is just what makes sense to me.

sorry, what i meant to say was that I would like a hotkey for “open as quick reference,” which opens your current window as a floating quick reference window, but i can’t find any way to bind this in the options

This seems like a significant oversight to me (but what do I know?) Apparently it isn’t one of the menu choices that can be assigned a shortcut (or so it seems to me); best I could find is to have the QR button on the toolbar (but I cannot get there without taking my hands off the keyboard, which is annoying.)

well at least you made me realize there is a quick reference button on the toolbar. that’s definitely easier than going through the menu like i was doing.

That QR button on the toolbar is very handy. If you have a doc loaded in an editor and want to launch it as a QR, drag the document’s icon from the editor header bar and drop it onto the QR button.

This is documented in the manual section 12.5.1 Opening an Item in Quick Reference, along with a cool way to open QR windows from Quick Search that I wasn’t aware of.


Yeah, both the Open ▸ as Quick Reference and Open ▸ in Copyholder should be available for customisation. I’ve flagged it in the system.