[LH5340] 3.1.2 broke "Open as QuickRef" from QuickRef Bookmark Sidebar

To reproduce:

  1. Open a QuickRef panel.
  2. Click the bookmark button to open the Bookmark Sidebar.
  3. Right-click a bookmark
  4. Select Open as Quick Reference

Nothing happens.

I know this feature worked in 3.1.1, as I use it all the time.

Please let me know if you need more info.


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Sorry Jim, I can confirm that the functionality is broken. I have filed it in our bug tracking system and a fix will be available in the next update.
I am afraid I cannot offer a workaround at the moment. Sorry about that!

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Agree Jim also does not work in Bookmark Manager.
However if open as a copyholder (works in both situations) can convert the copyholder to QRP so requires one more step, but can get there for now till fix the bug effecting inspector bookmarks and bookmark manager.

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Sorry, GoalieDad but I could not reproduce the failing command in the Bookmark Manager (I believe you meant the dialog you get after using the menu command Project > Project Bookmarks…) In my tests the right click > “Open as Quick Reference” and the bottom left button “…” > “Open as Quick Reference” open the Quick Reference window as expected.

Which case does not work in your tests?

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weird, did not work before but working now, cannot explain.

Thanks for checking.

This won’t work for me, as both copyholders are already occupied. I’ve got them displaying documents and I don’t want them disturbed.

One of my primary uses for QuickRef panels is to provide an alternate means of navigating the project and opening documents, in a way that doesn’t impact anything in the main Scriv window. The currently broken sidebar functionality is integral to that.

However–the wonderful Quick search feature comes to the rescue. Running a Quick search and pressing Shift+Enter on the desired document will launch it as a QuickRef panel. So I’m good at the moment.


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Just posted about this as well. :sweat_smile: Didn’t realize you had already. Really hoping they fix this soon.

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Hi @tiho_d,

I just found that right-clicking Open as Quick Reference from the QuickRef Bookmarks inspector split doesn’t open a QuickRef panel either.


Thought you’d want to know. :vulcan_salute:


Thanks, Jim we found this too and fixed it. It will be available in the next update.


Hello @tiho_d,

Also thought I’d let you know: The same problem happens (a QuickRef panel doesn’t open) when you try to open a nested file from a folder or text file in the project bookmarks. Those nested files also don’t open in the editor or “other editor” either.


And I want to clarify, it’s not just the Templates and Research folders that I’m talking about here. That’s just what happened to be on my screen when I screencap the example :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, JaayV this has been also fixed and will be available in the next update.

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Since latest update (2022/10) I can no more open sub documents from Project Bookmarked documents while Project Bookmark is opened in a QuickReference panel as was possible until this new updated version. The arrow for the list of sub-documents at the right of any bookmarked document that has subs (on the Bookmarks column, left of the panel) is still there but when a document is left clicked, it does not do anything. It used to open the clicked sub-document in the right column (document display and editing) of the QuickReference panel in which Project Bookmarks is open.

I hope my blabbering is somewhat understandable…

Thank you!


Alain Tremblay

Hi @Rolan,

I don’t work for L&L, but wanted to confirm for you and for L&L support @tiho_d that I can reproduce this bug.

Drilling down through the Bookmark Sidebar to subdocuments still works, as illustrated in below screenshot, but when I select subdocument Synopsis & Notes, the subdocument does not open in the QuickRef panel as it did in prior version.


Hi @JimRac ,

Thanks for taking the time to reproduce the problem and confirm the bug!