[LH609] Text Color shortcut in menu missing a space?

Is there a space missing here?

This has been filed. Thanks.

Many betas later, and now in RC stage actually, I see that none of the developers decided to fix the spacing in the menus. Some shortcuts are right up against the little arrow (like in my screenshot), some are one space away from the little arrow. What a mess. What a joke.

We do care, but have more urgent fixes. I believe you will agree,

What I agree with is that in the last 14 months you haven’t taken the time to press the spacebar on your keyboard to fix this. And you haven’t bothered to fix the really simple things before deciding that it’s a “Release Candidate”. Other people call these kinds of things “quick wins”. I see that you consider them “things to quickly ignore because they’re not all that important”.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Please, go ahead and fix the Qt library and their rendering of menus with shortcuts and sub-menus. When you fix it let me know and you will have it in Scrivener too.

If this could be fixed with a single press of the space bar, it would have been fixed. Sorry that this bothers you so much. It seems everything else works fine for you in Scrivener. I am happy.

So previously you made it sound like you didn’t have time, and now you’ve decided instead to say it’s difficult and/or outside of your control. Plus, telling me as a user that I must do some development work is a rather ridiculous thing to say.

Also, don’t try to assume things on my behalf. There are plenty of things wrong with Scrivener. I’ve reported several bugs over the years, including via email, and they’ve mostly gone unresolved.


I realize you are stuck between a hard place (posters demanding v3 be released yesterday) and a rock (posters like the OP of this thread, demanding v3 be perfect), so I just wanted to commend you for how well you’ve been navigating these opposing demands and thank you for creating a best-in-class writing tool. You’re appreciated.


You seem of the most disagreeable sort. All he has said is that it has been filed and they have more urgent fixes to attend to. You’re the one who jumped to conclusions about the ease and speed of fixing the problem and decided to ignorantly berate him for it.

When his explanation of the problem and invitation for you to fix it didn’t meet your need for immediate satisfaction and capitulation you threw a tantrum.

They absolutely have more important fixes to implement and nowhere did he say it was outside of their hands, just that it was more complex than your uninformed assumptions.