License Code Question

My old hard drive crashed and I had to install a new one. I have all of my Scrivener project files. I don’t have my license code. Is there a way to recover it?


I’m sorry to hear about that hard drive crash. That is always frustrating.

You can use our license-recovery tools to retrieve your license information by entering the email address you used to purchase the license.

Please make sure you check the spam folders on your email, in case its filters route the servers’ replies there.

If you purchased Scrivener on an old email address that you can no longer access, you can open a help ticket using the resources on our contact us page.

If you need to open a ticket, please include the email that was used to purchase the license and let us know that you no longer can access it. That will speed up the process of finding your license.

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Thanks for the quick response. I did the license-recovery tool, received the License Code, entered it and got this message: “The license you have provided is not valid for Scrivener 3. If you have already upgraded then ensure you are using the correct serial number. You may request an additional copy of your purchases from our serial number retrieval page. License does not match product.”

I’ll go ahead and open a ticket. Thanks again for your help.

Did you buy a Scrivener 3 license before, or was it only Scrivener 1?

Sounds is if your licence is for V1 and you’ve installed V3.

Two options, depending in when you purchased V1 you will either be offered a reduced price or free upgrade to V3.

The other option is to uninstall V3 and download and install V1.9

At the bottom is a button download older versions. I’m typing on an iPad so can’t click and give you the final url.