License code

I purchased through the (Mac) App store (2020? 2021?) and because of some bugs was advised to download updated versions/patches/betas here, which of course wiped out all my stuff causing much screaming and hair-pulling… and now… it suddenly wants a license. I can re-download from the app store, but after last time it is apparent the app-store version and the (downloaded from here) version do not play nicely together… it seems my usual email is not on file? (Or maybe I’m using the wrong one, but I bought it from the app-store, so I used that email address)

I see an “App Store Receipts” file in the support folder, but have no idea how to apply it without redownloading from the app-store and potentially blowing away the work/settings I’ve updated since I replaced the app-store version with the patch I got from here…

License issues are best addressed at the L&L support directly (due to potential privacy issues): Contact Us | Literature and Latte

Not sure how they are affected by the holidays, but you should get a confirmation email back immediately and they’ll get back to you after that.

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