License Key Activation Help

Hi! I bought Scrivener for Windows, but they sent me a license key for Mac. The Paddle virtual assistant was not able to help. I tried to email via Paddle and didn’t get an answer, and the technical support page did not allow my email through. I could not find a telephone number. I would like a human to send me a Windows License key or a refund. Thank you.

If you don’t get at least the automated response from our contact form in a timely manner, please message me (click my name to get my profile page) with the email address used for your purchase.

As I noted in my message, the page you linked did not allow a message through. Thanks anyway!

I’m sorry, but I don’t see an option to message or email you anywhere on your profile page. I have not received any type of response regarding my problem yet. I simply need a license activation key for Windows OR some way to get my money back. Thank you.

I messaged you, which should give you a “Reply” link.