License Key Blacklisted

This has just happened to me and, having checked other posts on this forum, I can confirm that I have never had a pirated copy on any machine!
I have been using Scrivener legally for more than 4 years and upgraded to the new Windows version in April. Now it says my trial period has ended and my license key is blacklisted. I have asked L&L for a new license key as instructed but I’m really not sure what’s going on. Has someone somehow obtained my email address and license key? I have a book on there that’s 80% complete. Has that been stolen? Have I just lost everything? I don’t think I have any way of finding out until L&L get back to me.

What happened with your license is something that only L&L can answer.

As for your book, you don’t have it “on there”. It’s on your computer, or on a cloud service, if you’re using one. Even if someone had somehow obtained your license key, they have no way of accessing your data just with that knowledge alone.

Here’s an idea: If you have another computer without Scrivener on it, you could download and install the demo version, which will then run for 30 non-consecutive days. Find the .scriv folders on your main computer and copy them over to the other machine and you will be able to open your book and even work on it as if nothing has happened. That is, until the demo expires. But that should give you and L&L enough time to resolve the issue.

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Thanks for the info and the advice, I’ll give that a try.

I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but be aware that we have had cases of unauthorized resellers selling pirated licenses. So it’s possible for a license that you purchased in good faith from someone other than us to still be subject to blacklisting.

Bought from L&L every time