License Key Revoked without Refund

Is there someone at Scrivener or L&L who can help with a case I’m in? I paid for a license key, the charge was marked as fraud because it was listed as an unrecognized merchant (Paddle, not L&L or Scrivener), but I undid the fraud charge and repaid my license back in September (before ever having an actual issue using Scrivener, I just did it because it was the right thing to do) only to find that in December (after fully repaying and fixing everything) Scrivener terminated my license key without contacting me about it first or sending me a refund for my Sept repayment. I have been emailing with L&L and Paddle for a month now with no update and no meaningful contact from either side.

L&L say they don’t handle the payment side of things but my license was revoked and there’s definitely something that can be done about that but I am not getting any support. It should not be this hard to get a license key I fully paid for.

Both sides are unresponsive and I literally don’t know who I can talk to that could even just advance my case at all. I’m holding off on just buying another license because I’m afraid they’re just going to cancel the next one too and then I’d be out even more money…

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We can’t handle license issues through the forum for privacy reasons. Please message me – click my username – with the email address you used for the purchase.

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Hi, I don’t see a way to message you directly when I click your username. Can you please provide an email address I can send to or a direct link to the page that allows me to message you? Thank you.

It could be that my permissions level in the forums prohibit me from sending direct messages. I don’t see that option on anyone’s user page.

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I can’t even upload screenshots of what I see. that message box is not present for me. Perhaps like I mentioned above, I may not have the permissions yet to message people.

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If so, well, just be patient. @kewms will (most probably) level you up.

Try now.

(With extra bonus filler characters.)

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for helping me figure this out, I just wanted to say Scrivener absolutely did right by me in every way here the past few days and earned my respect and sincere gratitude. Immediately after posting here, I finally made progress in the stalled support tickets I had been sitting on – it’s a great thing to have forums like these to help people with problems like mine.

I don’t take for granted the support I got here or the generosity from the Scrivener / L&L team in how my issue was resolved.

Thank you again!


I have a similar issue. I purchased a discounted version of Scrivener for successfully completing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers’ Month) challenge of writing 50,000 words (or more in 30 days).

I received my Product Key, but the software download I received was for the version offered for free during NaNoWriMo (for November 2023), but expired on 1 December. My purchase was around Christmas, and the software, after the download, stated that it had expired, and then closed the window. I never was given an opportunity to provide the Product Key, and I have sent messages to Paddle, who forwarded me to L&L. I have sent several messages to L&L, and I have receive no response.

I have heard positive comments on Scrivener, but I have not had the pleasure to use the software. Other than ask for my money back, and re-request for the software–no longer at the price offered–I am not sure what to do next.

Rudy Moralez
Woodbridge, VA, USA


Uninstall the current version you have. (I’m not sure that’s necessary, but might as well.)
Download and install the full version (with no set expiration date) from here :

You’ll be asked whether you want to run it as a demo or if you have a key (which you do) whenever you launch it, until registered.

[Nonofficial support from a fellow user.]