License manager now fails

I have run the Windows version of Scrivener on Linux with Wine for some years, but now the license manager has stopped accepting my license code. Sometimes I get the message: “The License manager ended unexpectedly. Please, restart Scrivener and try again. Exit Code: 1. Exit Status: Normal Exit.” At other times, it says, “License Manager failed with error 2. File not found.” Restarting doesn’t help. Otherwise, Scrivener has run flawlessly for me on Linux. Is there a workaround?

Hi kawedel,

Check to see what version of dotnet you have installed in Wine. Installing dotnet4.5 worked for me and others.

Good luck.

I backed off Scrivener 1.9.12 and am now running 1.9.9. Works fine, and I am back to my writing finally. I am also using Wine under Linux Mint, so I will check out the version of .net that it has.
Dave Capuano

With the recent upgrade to1.9.13, and an installation of dotnet462 I was able to register. Puddle did crash, but the activation was successful. Now, to get sound working properly…