License No longer Recognized?


I purchased Scrivener 1 for Windows in October 2020, and upgraded to Scrivener 3 in June 2021. My license was recognized from the previous version and the upgrade went smoothly. So far so good. Until today. I was excited to finally make some headway on my disseration when I opened up a new project on Scrivener and suddenly it said my license was no longer active/appropriate? It downgraded me to trial mode. I’ve tried to re-enter my scrivener 1 license key , and for that it says a coupon for full enjoyment had already been generated… my scrivener 3 license key doesn’t change anything either. I’m not sure what could have possibly gone on… any advice would be appreciated!

I have a similar recurring issue. I suggest you reboot and re-enter your version 3 key which works for me but I dare say you have tried that.

I just ran into this issue as well. Re-applying the license worked, but it was a little disconcerting.