License question

This has probably been asked, but I can’t find it if it has, and I apologize for repeating it.

I was looking at the “EULA” for version 2.0 of the MAC software last night after downloading it, and I believe I noticed that it said I could use it on two computers.

My question is: Once the Windows version comes out, can I use both it and the Mac version with the same license on two separate computers? I have a Windows PC at work and a Mac laptop that I’m not allowed to hook into the corporate network. It would be nice to be able to leave my personal laptop at home and still be able to edit my novel if a great idea comes to me while I’m at work. (Sharing the files via dropbox or something like that, of course.)

If you want to use Scrivener on Windows and Mac, you’ll have to buy a license for each. If you had, say, two Windows computers, you are allowed to use one license for both computers.

The Windows development effort is separate from the Mac effort, which is why Literature and Latte need to do it that way.

Edit: Wanted to add a source, in case anyone doesn’t trust a Random Internet Person. Check the “Other Questions Answered” section, last Q&A paragraph here:

Thanks. I don’t have a problem buying another copy, I just didn’t want to if I didn’t HAVE to, if you know what I mean. :slight_smile: