Life came to earth from other planets


If this is true, which is very probable, then the universe is full of life.

Yep, I buy into that. Life may be common. But intelligence? Rare, even on Earth. :wink:

Nahh!! That’s a load of old twaddle. Life as we know it Hugh, Bob, started in the septic tank of the, Brewer’s Droop hostelry, on Upper MIllgate Stockport, circa 1879. :wink:

I think that was the orgin of the language “Drunkanese”

…that too, pidg.

Is “Primordial Soup” still on the bar food menu?

Top o’ the menu pal. :wink:

I think it was Engles, that said Stockport was the dirtiest, grubbiest place on the planet.

He’d probably supped in t’ Brewer Droop.