Likehacker Mac Bundle

Stacksocial is hosting the Lifehacker Mac Bundle,which nine of the better Mac apps for $50, including a real timesaver for writers, TextExpander 4, which itself costs $35. Details here:

The apps are:

• TextExpander 4, the most fully-featured text expansion app for Mac (and a great way to save yourself hours of typing every day).
• TechTool Pro 6, an app that provides disc utilities, diagnostics, and repair.
• Path Finder 6, our favorite alternative file browser for the Mac.
• MacHider, an extremely simple way to password protect files and folders.
• Dropzone 2, a basic file sharing utility with tons of fantastic shortcuts.
• AirServer, which lets your Mac receive AirPlay signals.
• CameraBag 2, filters, editing and organization for digital photographs.
• MacPilot 5, gives terminal settings an easy-to-use GUI.
• IPNetMonitorX, a suite of tools for monitoring and diagnosing network problems.

There’s also a link to a freebie bundle of less known apps on that page, as well as a link for a chance to win some of Omni’s pricey apps.

Don’t get too swept up by the $310 worth of apps for $50. Generally, these offers make the most sense if there are a couple of the apps that you’ve seriously considered buying. Otherwise, you’ll just end up cluttering up your hard drive with apps you never use.

I didn’t see the exact date when the offer ends, but from the countdown clock, it should be good at least until the end of February, 2013.

–Michael W. Perry, Tolkien Warriors—The House of the Wolfings: A Book that Influenced The Lord of the Rings