Limit to resizing an image in version 3

I have tried this with both embedded images and links to images.
I have images that I have not cropped - 400x600 or 1600x2400, etc. and once in v3 I can resize them as small as 37x56 points.
However if I crop the original image (outside of scrivener) to something like taking 1600x2400 and crop to 232x620 (so not a standard size) - I cannot shrink down the sizes - for this example - it will only go down to 66x178.

In Scrivener v2 - that same 232x620 image can be shrunk down to 25x66 - I just tried it in my v2.9.

I have tons of images of various different sizes that I want to sit side by side - and reduce them by the same ratio - like I did in v2 - but now unable to do so down to the ratio that I want.

I attached the test image I’m using below

There were some problems with this in 2.0. 25pt is a hard limit below which certain types of image can run into the problems in the text system; however, because both horizontal and vertical sliders need to have the same minimum and maximum values, there was a problem in Scrivener 2 whereby making the minimum always 25 meant that, if the image was taller than it was wide, you could end up making the height 25 and the width much smaller, causing issues.

Unfortunately, the fix for this seems to have a minor issue whereby it is now always limiting the minimum to 25 x the width/height ratio, when it should only be doing this when the image is wider than it is tall (to prevent the height from being reduced to lower than 25 points).

I have fixed this for 3.0.2.

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Thanks - always appreciate the quick replies