Limited use of straight quotes?

I’m using smart quotes throughout a draft but in the front matter, I want to use straight quotes on one page. How do I do this?
I’m using Version 3.3.1

I’m not at my computer at the moment, but while you’re writing the front matter, either turn off “use smart quotes”, which is either in Scrivener Preferences/Settings or System Preferences/Settings (or both!); or investigate writing it with smart quotes and then for the front matter in the Edit menu find the “Convert smart quotes to plain quotes”. Not being at the computer, I can’t remember the exact menu entry, or whether that can apply to a single document in the editor rather than the whole manuscript.

I prefer to use plain quotes while writing and transform them to smart quotes after completion.



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Simon, your Edit explanation worked perfectly. Thank you.

This is also a setting that can be toggled on and off as you need to, per project, in the Edit ▸ Substitutions submenu (same place you would find it in just about any native Mac program for that matter).

But for this case, the transformation command is probably best. I’d imagine toggling would be more useful to someone writing a book about programming or something, with all of the code examples needing simple punctuation.

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