Line breaks with separators

I’ve done some reading of the forum and the manual, and I’m thinking this isn’t supported, but decided I would go ahead and ask… hope that’s ok.

I would like to use a Text File Separator that is a blank line or two, a string of characters, then another couple of blank lines. I can do the characters just fine.

Any way to implement paragraph “before/after” spacing or anything for the separator line?

Kind of like this:

;alskdjf ;alkja;f ka;jf
a; kad;alkjds f;lajfd
;alkdsjf ;alkdsjf
;alksdjfa;sldk fj


akjdsf;a lkd;alkfd
;alkdsj ;alkdjf a;ds
;alkds j;alkds jf
;alkdsj a;ldskfj


And just in case somebody finds this, an answer wound up getting posted in another thread:

For Macs:

For Windows:

Here’s the thread: [url]]