Line Numbers

I joined a writing class, finally. People will submit writings to critique in a format with at least 1.5 line height so comments may be made. That I can do easily enough, but the lines are also numbered. That way you can directly reference line XX for your comments when offering them in class.

I tried using line numbers but it only numbered the paragraphs. How is this done please? Is this a setting in compile? Or is there a way to do this as formatting? I guess it would be better if it were in compile so I could continue to write normally and then when satisfied I can print the proper format for class for critique.

Much thanks



You can view line numbers in Scrivener for Mac, but you can’t print them.\

You could compile and then add line numbers in a word processor that offers line numbering.


Briar Kit

Scrivener doesn’t offer this feature? Good heavens, why on earth not? Seems to be a sensible way to get feedback on writing. Word again? Yikes.


Perhaps it will be added at some point in the future.

I’d like line numbers for scriptwriting—much easier at read-throughs to call out line numbers.

Anything but Word. :open_mouth:


Briar Kit

Hi y’all, I’ve been following this thread. And I got a weird problem when compiling for an ebook.

I got line numbers only on chapter 1 of the manuscript - they are not there in the print/pdf compile. They only show up in the first chapter of the ebook - and then everything goes back to normal.

Had no clue what trigger it. Looked at hidden characters, but there was nothing there.

Ended up exporting to rtf, creating a new chapter folder, and then importing back in. Lost all my italic and underscores, but it fixed the problem.

Any ideas what happened???


Why not make each new line a new paragraph, spaced 1.5 lines apart?

For a genuine new paragraph, just do 2 carriage returns instead of 1.