Line spacing breaking in part of compile


I’m having a problem compiling a short story. It should be in the usual double-spaced Courier New format, but the last paragraph comes out single-spaced despite everything I can think of to try. There’s nothing different ticked in the Compile box, I’ve tried hitting Ctrl-A in the original text document and setting line spacing to single throughout in case there was some dodgy formatting that was throwing the compiler out, but it comes out the same every time. I’m lost!

Many thanks,
Felix Pearce

What are your settings in the Formatting compile options pane? Do you have format override turned on—is that where the formatting is coming from, or is it coming from the text editor? If the latter, you could try using the former. Just switch the checkbox on, and then select the text file icon (or whatever icon type you write your main book matter in to), click the Modify button, and change the formatting there. That’ll, in theory anyway, blow away any formatting inconsistencies in the editor and produce a nice and tidy uniform document.