line spacing in the document notes

Is there a way of changing the default line spacing setting for the document notes panel?

At the moment, there is no space between paragraphs, and I would like some. I can get some once I have typed into the panel by selecting the text and using the format bar to change the line spacing setting. But this is a drag to do for every single document. Is there a way to change the default setting for new items, and/or a way to select multiple items and change the format settings for the document notes in all of them?

Many thanks.

Hi - any chance of a response to this? There’s been another thread url[/url] on formatting since I posted this, but it doesn’t cover this particular issue.

There’s no way to set line spacing or other paragraph attributes for the notes, no. You could create a template document in your binder with some dummy text in the notes formatted the way you want it and then duplicate that whenever you want to create a new document, so you’ve got the document notes all set up and can just overwrite whatever’s in there. Or if you use any kind of text expander that supports formatted text, you could set up an expansion with formatted text and then pop that in when you start a new note to set the formatting. Kind of off the wall, but I have done it for something similar on the Mac.

Thanks for these suggestions. What do you mean by a ‘text expander’ - it’s not something I have come across. Can you give me an example?