Line spacing last paragraph of compiled text

I haven’t seen anyone mention this. But what I find is that when I compile to rtf, the last paragraph is single spaced if I don’t put a carriage return at the end of that paragraph, for some word processors. I haven’t played with this much, and can post a recipe to replicate it if needed, but what I find is

  • I set compile line spacing at either double (2.0) + at least 12 points, or single + at least 28 points

  • I delete the terminal carriage return in the last paragraph in the last document to be compiled

The line spacing in the .rtf is not correct, if I open with NeoOffice or LibreOffice. It is correct if I open with Mellel or Pages, but then other parts of the compiled text are screwy, which is why I prefer NeoOffice.

So I suspect that the generated rtf of the last paragraph is subtly different depending on whether there is an terminal carriage return.

This is a bug in OpenOffice and its off-shoots, I’m afraid.
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