Linguistic focus dialog with – Dialog instead of "Dialog"

How do I get Scriveners writing tool, Edit > Writing tool > Linguistic focus (LF), to recognise my dialog that does not contain [“Dialog sentence”] but instead [- Dialog sentence]?

LF does not seem to get this format in below example. Have tried to set LF to “Spanish style dialog” but it does not work (maybe I’m doing something wrong]?

Example that does not work;

  • I write dialog like this, Peter said.
  • Oh Really? Said Anna.

Example that works;
“I write dialog like this.” Peter said.
“Oh Really?” Said Anna.

Thanks for any help or tips :slight_smile:

Almost certainly, you’re typing a hyphen. I don’t know Spanish written grammar, but you may need to type either an en-dash (opt-hyphen, on a US English keyboard) or an em-dash (shift-opt-hyphen) for the linguistic focus to work. If you try those, does either help?

Thanks @Silverdragon will try your tips :slight_smile:

The em-dash is used in dialogues :

SOLVED! Thanks @PerlinP & @Silverdragon
It works! Now I just have to change my entire dialogs in my books to use it :sweat_smile: and maybe also set up a keyboard shortcut for it as well…

For Swedish writers who, just like me, didn’t know how to create the — “em-dash” on your Swedish keyboards: Use Shift + Alt + bindestreck.

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