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First of all a huge thanks and congrats on releasing Scrivener 3 for Windows! :smiley: I am very happy to use it.
I was very excited to use the new Linguistic Focus option, but I found out that it only works for direct speech if you use “these” quotation marks if a character says something. In my language, it is actually proper to use ‘these’ quotation marks if someone’s speaking.
Since Linguistic focus only works if you use the double quotation mark, I was wondering if there’s an option to change the settings so the linguistic focus will also work with the ‘single quotation mark’.

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I have seen youtube clips on this topic. They showed several parameters of languate including quotes to be isolated. Names and adverbs also, I think. But my latest Scrivener for Windows does not show such a menu at all. Does any one know where such sub-menu exists? Thanks!

In edit>Writing Tools

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Excellent support illustration, philwild. Thanks so much.
Direct Speech suddenly started working today!!
This being the first day of NaNoWriMo, I’ll take this as a good sign, hooray for Scrivener Team!