Link Chapter Numbers and Figure Prefix

Hi all,

In my thesis, I have figures first appearing in Chapter 3. I’d like my figure numbers to reflect this - at the moment using the markup below, the figures start at 1 in Chapter 3, 2 in Chapter 4 etc. Here’s the markup:


What do I need to change?

Many thanks in advance.


Anyone? I could really use some help!

Are you wishing to cross-reference the figures in your text or just want the figure legends to have chapter numbering?

Are you sure you are using <$n:chapter:XXX> in your Compile > Formatting settings for the titles, as you need to specify this first in the chapter titles for it to work.

You could try to use <$hn> with a scrivener link to the chapter, which should be replaced with that number at compile. Again <$hn> has to be specified in Compile > Formatting for this to work

Have you also tried to use <$position> and <$parentposition>, which give you the level value of the document itself or its parent. But these won’t work if you have > 2 levels and need the number of the top level. I don’t have access to Scrivener ATM so this is all from memory, so YMMV… :stuck_out_tongue:

Being my first use of Scrivener, I’m not really following you.

I have Chapter <$t> in my Compile>Formatting>Section settings.
At the moment my figure numbers start as 1.1 in Chapter 3!

I could use some help please.