Link colour non-responsive to setting in prefs

After some fiddling in the appearance tab of the prefs I must have accidentally altered a setting. How do I change the colour of my links from the electrified blue back to what used to be a more demure default value?

The obvious candidate Preferences>Appearance>Editor>Links “Use default value” or choosing something manually from the colour palette does not do anything to my existing links. (Nor when I open a new project). This concerns all of my footnotes, Cmd-L-Clips, comments etc.). What else could I try? Thanks.

Problem solved. Culprit is called “Mars TextTools1.1”, now deinstalled and banished. All my settings have returned to their default values and respond obediently to erratic manual fumbling in the prefs. TextTools seems to interfere with some of Scrivener’s text appearance and at least partly outmanoeuvre its prefs.

Incidentally, the “Linking Documents Together”-section of the manual refers on p. 89 (top) that “the underscore cannot be removed, so even links set to be the same colour as the base text…” This does not seem to apply anymore with the option to switch “Underline hyperlinks” on or off (Pref>Formatting) – which the Appendix (p. 458) states correctly.

Scrivener rules. Back to work.