Link to download purchased software

I emailed support about this a week ago but have had no response, which is pretty poor.

I recently installed a new hard drive and have lost Scrivener. I can’t find a link to download it using my serial number. Please help.

Do you have your license number? If you do, I think you should be able to register the app from the Scrivener menu “Registration…” after downloading the trial version (which I believe is full really) from the Literature and Latte main site.

If you’ve lost your license, quoting L&L … afterSales:

Retrieving Your Serial Number

If you have lost your serial number, click here to access eSellerate’s After-Purchase Services. We use eSellerate to run the web store and generate licences. If you lose your serial number, you can retrieve it free of charge by entering your e-mail address and order number in the fields of the After-Purchase Services web page … fault.aspx. If you don’t know the order number, just enter your registered e-mail address next to where it says “Finding your order number” and you will be sent details of all of the licences you have purchased via eSellerate in the past, including your licence. (If your e-mail address has changed or you can’t recall the one you registered with, then e-mail us with as much information as you can to help us track down your order.)

Thank you - all sorted. And apologies to support - they had actually replied but it went into my junk mail folder for some reason.