link updates

Here’s my situation: I have two projects. I create a note in project 2 which links to a research note in project 1.

I now add more text to project note 1 BUT when I access the note in project 2 it doesn’t show the new data added in the note to which it’s linked.

Is it possible to make this linked note always show the latest info in the note to which it links?

Second, semi-related question. When I searched this forum, I entered the search phrase “linked notes” thinking it would return only items with that exact phrase but it didn’t. What is the method to return only ext phrase results?

Thanks in advance.

I can answer the second question - unfortunately the Search function won’t yield exact phrases, not even if you surround the phrase with “” or use the advanced search.

Thanks, Tid. Maybe version 3 will meet my needs.

I’m not sure what you are using to link the notes together, as ordinarily a link from one project to another would merely open the item in the original project—and thus necessarily be up to date with whatever is in that project. There is no link that would show information from one project in another project’s window, so my guess is whatever you’ve done isn’t actually a link and more along the lines of an import, which naturally won’t stay up to date with anything.

Hyperlinks between projects are documented in the user manual, under §8.5.6, External Links, pg 99.

Thank you so much, Amber. That sorts it out for me. BTW, the section is 9.5.6, not 8.5.6, so as not to confuse anyone.

Oops! Thanks for the correction. :slight_smile: