Linked Research

I’m not sure but I could have sworn that there was a way to link to web pages that held research. Is there an option for this? I’ve been looking through some tutorials and I can’t seem to find it. :question:

Yep. Bottom right corner of the window, there’s a little bookmark icon - hover the cursor over it and you’ll see it’s called “References” (or you can just press Cmd-7). You can drag almost anything here and Scrivener will save it as a link to the original - whether the original is a PDF on your hard-drive or a web-page on the web.

Cmd 7? In Windows?

I normally read posts via the “View active topics” link, so completely missed that this was in the Windows forum. :blush:

Yeah, that keeps tripping me up too. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a shortcut to this pane yet on Windows, but just click on the little stack of books icon in the bottom of the Inspector to get to the references table. I think I recall someone saying there is a bug with dragging URLs at the moment—that should be fixed up in time—but a work around is to use the little menu at the top of that table to add the URL by hand. It’s either URLs or file drops that are currently broken.