Linking for TOC doesn't work properly

If you select the folders for a TOC and then do the copy for ToC, When you paste the hyperlinks on the TOC page it uses the physical address of the document in the link. I am exporting the manuscript to a Word document.

If you point to the link example “Chapter 1” in Word then the popup gives the actual file location, something like “file:///c:\users\dummy\MyDoc.docx#Chapter_1” instead of simply “Chapter_1”

Then if I post this to Amazon Kindle the resultant MOBI causes the reader to crash if you click on the link.

To fix it all you have to do is go to the TOC page created and edit every hyperlink in Word. If you click Edit Hyprerlink, it will select and display the link and simply click OK which replaces the full physical address with just the internal document bookmark.

While the fix is not hard to do, it should be incorporated in the original Scrivener project because (1) you forget to do it or (2) it takes time.

Also: Creating a bookmark to a Front matter or Back Matter doesn’t seem to create a valid link?